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HSR in Our Town

January 29, 2010

There’s some train tracks in our neighborhood. They’re not used very much. Just to haul coal or slag a few times a day. Every year around this time they seem to be doing some routine maintenance but this year they seemed to be doing a little more than usual.  Instead of just replacing a few scattered ties, they have been replacing sections.  And then the other day I saw that they were clearing brushy box elder trees that had grown up in the margin of the right-of-way, just inside the fence that separates the ROW from the neighborhood park.

Future Midwestern High Speed Rail Corridor

Well, this morning as I took my first sip of coffee, they announced on the radio that we were getting a high speed rail line.  Not just in my state, but 200ft from my front door.  Am I happy? Oh yeah.  I’ll probably reconsider walking the dog along the tracks when it is built but that’s a sacrifice I can make.