Birding Lake Farm County Park

Yesterday, Brian and Brian and I headed back out for another early Saturday morning birding adventure.  We met down at Lake Farm County Park just south of Madison, on the western shore of Lake Waubesa at 5:30 AM.  It was warmer than last week, clear skies and a light wind out of the east.  Even the oaks were fully leafed-out which was made visual ID a little harder in a few instances and ther were mosquitos at the onset.  I’ve never seen more orioles in my, perhaps my life combined.  And I think there was a different yellow warbler every hundred feet.  Birding with someone who knows the birds by ear is fantastic.

In no particular order….

  • yellow warbler
  • common yellowthroat
  • american redstart
  • tennessee warbler
  • nashville warbler
  • baltimore oriole
  • orchard oriole (1st year male)
  • scarlet tanager
  • red-bellied woodpecker
  • downer woodpecker
  • northern flicker
  • blue gray gnatcatcher
  • red-winged blackbird
  • brown thrasher
  • great blue heron
  • little green heron
  • mallard
  • wood duck
  • canada goose
  • sandhill crane
  • field sparrow
  • song sparrow
  • chipping sparrow
  • robin
  • cardinal
  • goldfinch
  • purple finch
  • olive-sided flycatcher
  • kingbird
  • unknown flycatcher
  • phoebe
  • shiny cowbird
  • grackle
  • rose-breasted grosbeak
  • house wren
  • warbling vireo
  • easterrn bluebird
  • red-tailed hawk
  • ruby-throated hummingbird
  • crow
  • blue jay
  • sedge wren

There was also a restored prairie there that looks like it will be dominated by flowering Baptisia in a few weeks.  That will be worth another visit soon.  Going out yesterday and hearing how incredibly alive the earth felt was a terrrific rush and sharpens my focus on the importance of the restoration of bird habitat. 

I’d love to see the backlot of Olbrich get restored into a high-quality stopover site for migratory birds.  That site, and nearby parcels upstream of Starkweather Creek represents the best option for enhancing stopover habitat on the north side of lake Monona. This is something I’ve been thinking about for several years and is something I will begin working towards now.


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